Jeudi 5 septembre le château et le parc seront fermés.


Built during King Louis XIV's youth on a vast estate between the River Seine and the forests, the Château de Maisons is the perfect embodiment of the tastes of the day, prefiguring Classical art and heralding the Palace of Versailles.

It is the best preserved work of architect François Mansart, providing the clearest sense of his architectural genius.
The Château de Maisons, the first "open galleried" château featuring a central hallway and open staircase, contains a host of innovative features. The Medieval château gave way to a new, modern château.

The arrangement of the façades, the harmony of the interior spaces and the décor of the ceremonial rooms are a testament to the perfection of the art of construction in the mid-17th century.


Atelier du patrimoine : 110€ pour les classes, 61€  pour les ZEP et 45€ pour les publics spécifiques

Parcours découvertes : 72€ pour les classes, 50€ pour les ZEP et 35€ pour les publics spécifiques

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